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Macro has a long track record of quality audits with satisfied, high-profile clients.

Startups we invest in receive this same level of security, including preferential lead times and competitive rates.

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"Macro's auditors are responsive and deliver insightful feedback. The communication was excellent and helpful, providing suggestions for improvements with proposed fixes."

"Macro's team was extremely thorough in their review and has gone above and beyond communication-wise. Having such a strong partner helped us achieve a high level of confidence in a smooth release."

Kevin Kennis

Kevin Kennis

Co-founder, Sommelier

"It’s been a pleasure working with the Macro team. Their communicative, thoughtful and attentive approach has given us the confidence to push boundaries building novel projects and initiatives - while knowing we have a solid security partner watching our back."

Yuri Visser

Yuri Visser

CTO, TreasureDAO

"I think it's probably obvious but you very clearly outperformed the previous auditors we've worked with! We really enjoyed working with your team!"

"Glad we have you double looking. Pleased with findings so far."

Layne Haber
Layne Haber

Co-founder, Connext

"I have worked with several auditors in the past, and none of them have done nearly as thorough follow up as Macro. It’s very refreshing and a much needed change in the auditing industry."

Crispy Mangos

Crispy Mangos

Lead Developer, Sommelier

"We've worked with a lot of auditors. Macro is by far the best, it's not even comparable."

Fleet Commander

Fleet Commander

Co-founder, Citadel